Honoring Those Who Dedicate Their Time and Financial Success to Wayne County

The Wayne County Community Foundation (WCCF) is dedicated to honoring those who dedicate their time and a portion of their financial success to the Wayne County community. This year, Wayne County was chosen through nomination and peer review as the recipient of the most requested award of the year. The eight staff members of the Evaluation and Equalization team share this group award for their dedication and service to Wayne County taxpayers. For keynote speaker Emily Pacetti, Wayne County is an example of how a strong philanthropic presence benefits the community.

While these trends are seen everywhere, including in Wayne County, he said, the county is doing better than most communities in Ohio. Each year, the ceremony includes several awards dedicated to individuals and groups from MAED for their contributions to the field, education and other categories, in all 83 counties of Michigan. Nearly nine months after working as executive director of the Wayne County Community Foundation, Melanie Garcia is still learning on the job. With three Emmy Awards to his credit for his behind-the-scenes contributions to ESPN's SportsCenter, Anderson set himself a new challenge in front of the camera in 2000. On Wednesday night, the Wayne County Community Foundation awarded two Wayne County residents the honor of Friends of Philanthropy at the Greystone Event Center. To the enthusiastic applause of more than 400 people, this award was presented to recognize their contributions to the county. The WCCF is committed to recognizing those who have made a difference in Wayne County.

Through its awards and recognition program, it honors individuals and organizations that have made a lasting impact on the community. By recognizing these individuals and organizations, it encourages others to follow in their footsteps and make a difference in their own communities.

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