Who is the Director of Wayne County Parks?

Wayne County Parks is a division of the Wayne County Department of Public Utilities, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of families and citizens in the 43 communities of Wayne County. Every year, the parks host dozens of educational and recreational events, such as hiking, nature walks, Marshmallow Drops at Nankin Mills and Elizabeth Park, New Country on the River and Jazz on the River. The parks also collaborate with Davey Tree, Green Toe Gardens, the Wayne County Conservation District, and Wayne County Parks to provide students with five learning stations. In addition, Wayne County Parks maintain a 1,000-acre nature reserve in partnership with the Wayne County Airport Authority.

This reserve is known as Crosswinds Marsh and is located near Detroit Metropolitan Airport and Willow Run Airport. Furthermore, Wayne County Parks maintain 5,600 acres of parkland and operate 35 parks, two golf courses and the Wayne County Family Aquatic Center. The current director of Wayne County Parks is Bradford. As a county employee, Bradford must disclose any family member receiving business from the county. Former Wayne County auditor general Brendan Dunleavy believes that if Bradford were to tell her department employees that her daughter was looking for businesses in the county, it could create pressure to be selected.

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