Rules and Regulations for Wayne County Sports Participation

All students who wish to participate in any sport during the current school year must be covered by insurance paid for by the Wayne County Board of Education. Any school whose volunteer or paid technical staff violate this rule may be barred from participating in an event of that sport sponsored by a government organization for one year, with the coach of the offender being held responsible. School districts may maintain subsidiary records of student activities, as long as these records are reconciled with official records on a monthly basis. All official accounting records of the student activities fund must be maintained within the school district's chart of accounts, in accordance with the Uniform Financial Accounting for School Districts and Iowa Area Education Agencies.

In addition, voluntary or paid technical staff are not allowed to require students to participate in any off-season activities of that coach's sport as a condition of participating in the coach's sport during their season. It is important for all students and coaches to be aware of these rules and regulations when participating in sports in Wayne County. Following these rules will ensure that all students have a safe and enjoyable experience while playing sports.

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